Our objective.
Simplify equity management.

Capboard was created to simplify equity management for companies and to give all the agents involved more visibility over their holdings.

Our history

We are entrepreneurs.
We know the pain.

We were born after suffering the lack of tools to have visibility on the value, conditions and vesting of phantom shares in different Spanish startups.

Most countries are light years behind the United States in the digitization of equity, with the opportunity to become the standard for equity management and incentive plans.

Our goal is to facilitate equity management for founders, employees, lawyers and investors of startups around the world - adding value along the way.

All-in-one software to manage your company's equity.

Cap table management

Keep your cap table always ready and updated and give access to investors and partners.

Simulations of rounds and sales

Simulate the resulting cap table after a round or sale and share it with partners.

Employee incentive plans

Allocate and allow employees to have visibility over their actions: vesting, conditions, value...

Investor management

Gives access to all historical documents and transactions in one click.

Simulates several scenarios at the same time

Hesitating between various term sheets? Simulate your cap table with both scenarios and decide with the data in hand.

Always up to date and error-free

Share the cap table without having to worry if it is the latest version or if the formulas are correct.

Automates assignment letters

And everything else goes on autopilot: vesting calculation, cliff... and we support multiple grants and types of vesting per employee.

Adapted to local legislation

Capboard adapts to all over the world, covering the legal requirements of each country.

With maximum security

All communications are encrypted and only you own your data.

We are hiring

We are looking for the best talent to join this adventure.