Equity and investor management made easy

Capboard makes equity management easy for European companies so founders, investors and employees have more visibility over their equity.

  • Cap table management

    Share the next generation cap table with investors and shareholders.

  • Funding and exit simulations

    Create a simulation of your cap table after a funding event or any other transaction type.

  • Equity plans for employees

    Grant stock options and allow employees to have full visibility on vesting schedule, cliff, good and bad leaver clauses, etc.

  • Investor management

    Easily give access to existing and potential investors to your equity and documents.

  • Stack several scenarios

    Have you received several term sheets? Create simulations with all scenarios and make an informed decision.

  • Single source of truth

    Share your cap table without having to double-check formulas or if your last financing round was taken into account.

  • Automate grant letters in bulk

    Grant equity to employees and request compliant electronic signatures.

  • Compliant in all European countries

    Capboard is adapted to all European countries, covering all specificities of your company's homecountry.

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