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100K - 1M
Black Pearls VC is an early stage venture capital firm focused on seed, post-seed and Series A investments in leading tech startups from Northern & Central Europe. The firm is focused on investing in startups with defensible technology and the potential to become market leaders. Black Pearls VC ...
10K - 50K
Cacao Capital is a small family-owned Angel Investment & Venture Capital Firm created with the purpose of helping amazing entrepreneurs with impactful and sustainable businesses to realize their dreams. Cacao Capital invests in a variety of industries and provides a variety of services, includin...
1M - 30M
BlackFin Tech is the Venture part of BlackFin Capital Partners. It is a European VC fund that focuses on investing in fintechs and insurtechs. The company provides venture capital and private equity to help reshape finance and unlock the full potential of digital experiences. BlackFin Tech also ...
500K - 5M
Blacksheep Ventures is a venture capital firm with an entrepreneurial background that invests in MadTech, which stands for marketing and advertising technology. They are focused on providing funding, mentoring, and support to startups in the space. They have a portfolio of over 20 companies acro...
10K - 250K
YARA is a venture capital firm focused on investing in early-stage technology startups. Founded by experienced entrepreneurs and investors, YARA provides capital, advice and resources to help founders build and grow their startups. The firm invests across a wide range of sectors, including healt...
100K - 200K
10K Ventures is an angel investor group and venture capital firm based in Berlin, Germany. The firm specializes in early-stage investments, primarily in tech startups and funds. The firm is the investment arm of Hansol Joo & Kim Diocampo and has invested in a variety of startups in Europe, Asia ...
2M - 5M
BFP is a global venture capital fund of funds that invests early in world-class venture capital funds and technology startups. It provides access to the world\u2019s best venture capital funds, enabling investors to participate in the most promising and innovative startups. BFP also offers strat...
1M - 10M
Cambridge SPG is an early-stage venture capital and private equity firm focused on investing in highly skilled operators of disruptive category leading companies in the Food & Beverage and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sector. They provide financing and resources to help companies grow their cor...
1M - 5M
OpenOcean is a pan-European early-stage Venture Capital investor with a focus on B2B platforms & Enterprise Software technology investments. Founded in 2011, they have invested in over 70 companies across Europe, providing early-stage capital and expertise to help them scale. Their team consists...
100K - 400K
1414 Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Boston, Massachusetts. The firm specializes in investments in the digital identity and data security space, and its investments range from pre-seed to seed-stage. 1414 Ventures provides resources, advice, and connections to its portfolio companies...
1M - 15M is a private equity and venture capital firm that specializes in investments in early-stage technology businesses. The firm\u2019s primary focus is on the healthcare, media and entertainment, and technology sectors. It seeks to invest in companies located around the world, with a...
250K - 2M
Leafy Tunnel is an early-stage venture capital fund based in London, United Kingdom. The firm invests in alternative medicine, mental health, and pain disorders to provide relief from physical, mental, and emotional stress while improving the lives of both patients and practitioners. Leafy Tunne...
500K - 5M
Blumberg Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm that partners with visionary entrepreneurs to build successful technology companies that empower people and change the world. The firm was founded in 1991 and has since invested in over 200 companies across a wide range of sectors and indus...
1M - 7M
Adevinta Ventures is the venture capital arm of Adevinta, a leading online marketplace platform. The venture arm looks to invest in early-stage companies, helping them to grow and develop their businesses. Adevinta Ventures focuses on investments in the areas of digital transformation, e-commerc...
1M - 10M
Sandwater is an investment company that focuses on venture companies in the growth phase. They use ESG analysis to calibrate potential changes in the future, and provide guidance and insights to help their clients make informed decisions. Sandwater also provides a range of services related to ca...
10K - 200K
Zen Ventures is an online platform that enables users to learn and explore different technologies, like software engineering, web development, and data science. The platform offers a range of courses, tutorials, and projects that are designed to help users develop their skills and knowledge in t...
750K - 2M
Bowery Capital is a venture capital firm based in New York, founded in 2013. The firm invests in technology-driven businesses, focusing on early and growth stage companies in the software, consumer, and digital health markets. The firm provides capital, operational support, and strategic advice ...
100K - 250K
Comeback VC is an early stage venture capital firm that is focused on investing in technology companies. The firm was founded by experienced investors and entrepreneurs who have a passion for helping founders build innovative and successful companies. Comeback VC invests in seed stage and early ...
1M - 5M
Compass Digital Ventures is the venture and growth capital arm of Compass Group based in Charlotte, North Carolina. They invest in companies in the food and hospitality, retail and consumer, and technology industries. Through their investments and incubator programs, they seek to help companies ...
1M - 5M
Seventure Partners is a leading European venture capital firm, founded in 1997 and based in Paris, France. The firm focuses on investments in life sciences, digital health, nutrition and foodtech, and cleantech. Seventure Partners has a strong presence in France and Europe, and is dedicated to h...
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Startup investors are individuals, firms or organizations that provide funding and other resources to highly innovative companies. The different types of startup investors include:

  • Business Angels: High net worth individuals who invest their own money in early-stage startups in exchange for equity. Their investment thesis typically involves finding promising entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.
  • Accelerators: Programs that provide mentorship, resources, and funding to early-stage startups in exchange for equity. Their investment thesis is typically focused on helping startups develop and grow their business.
  • Open Innovation Programs: Corporate programs that partner with startups to co-create and co-innovate new products or services. Their investment thesis typically involves finding startups that can help the corporation stay competitive and innovative.
  • Venture Capital Firms: Professional investment firms that pool money from multiple investors and invest it in high-growth startups with the potential for significant returns. Their investment thesis is typically focused on finding companies with scalable business models in large and growing markets.
  • Private Equity: Professional funds creating to acquire and grow EBITDA-positive companies. PE usually focuses on profitable but slow-growing businesses, sometimes to merge them.

Startup Stages and Different Investors

Startup stages typically include:

  • Idea Stage: This is the earliest stage of a startup where the founders have an idea but no product or customers. Private investors, Accelerators and VCs usually invest in this stage.
  • Seed Stage: This stage typically involves building a prototype or minimum viable product (MVP) and acquiring early customers.
  • Early Stage: At this stage, the startup has validated its business model and is looking to scale its operations and acquire more customers.
  • Growth Stage: This stage typically involves significant expansion and scaling of the startup's operations and customer base. Venture Firms and Debt financing are quite common.

Main Startup Industries and Prominent Investors:

  • Tech: Prominent investors in the tech industry include Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, and Y Combinator.
  • Biotech: Prominent investors in the biotech industry include Flagship Pioneering, ARCH Venture Partners, and Foresite Capital.
  • Fintech: Prominent investors in the fintech industry include Accel, Ribbit Capital, and Greycroft.
  • Social Impact: Prominent investors in the social impact industry include Acumen, Omidyar Network, and TPG Rise Fund.
  • Consumer: This includes startups in the e-commerce, food and beverage, and travel industries. Prominent investors in this industry include Greycroft, Forerunner Ventures, and First Round Capital.

How to Fundraise

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Do Your Research

Before you start reaching out to investors, it's important to do your research and identify those who are a good fit for your company. Look for investors who have experience in your industry, a track record of successful investments, and a portfolio that aligns with your company's stage and needs.

2. Build Relationships

Investors are more likely to invest in companies they have a relationship with, so it's important to build connections before you start pitching. Attend industry events, participate in startup accelerators or incubators, and seek out opportunities to network with potential investors. Sending them investor updates is also a great way to keep them engaged.

Once you've identified a potential investor, try to find a warm introduction through a mutual connection, portfolio founder or industry colleague. This can help you establish trust and credibility early on, and increase the likelihood of a positive response.

3. Craft a Compelling Pitch

When it's time to pitch your company, make sure to tailor your message to the investor's interests and needs. Focus on your unique value proposition, market opportunity, and growth potential, and be prepared to provide detailed financial projections and data to back up your claims. Fundraising can take up to 9 months, so be mindful of your company's burn and cashflow.