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Equity management made easy

Give visibility to equity owners of your company, attract and retain top talent.

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Capboard in numbers

Streamline your equity management—effortless, efficient, Capboard.

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Features and Benefits

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Cap table management
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Stock options plans
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Investor management
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Fundraising simulations
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Contracts & e-signature

Keep your cap table always ready and updated and give access to investors and partners.

Capboard is the tool to keep your cap table up to date and to be able to see the history, make projections of rounds and sales taking into account the current cap table, etc.

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Equity grants

Keep and inspire your top talent with automated employee equity plans.

Streamline your equity plan creation and management to make your employees and advisors part of your success.

Customize grants in seconds using templates and provide full visibility for employees and stakeholders, making transparency your superpower.

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Stand out in the eyes of investors. Build trust, fundraise faster and foster supportive relations.

Improve communication with your investors with easy-to-create updates, get insights on investor engagement and keep everyone in the loop.

Streamline deal-making by fundraising smarter with Virtual Data Room, maximum security, the ability to group your stakeholders based on their priority and much more.

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Be fundraise-ready. Create simulations with all scenarios and make informed decisions.

Enter negotiations ready and informed. Perform simulations of your cap table with potential funding events and make projections of dilution and voting rights.

Make sure you don’t give up your company’s control unexpectedly. Be informed and prepared.

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stock options grant

Save hundreds of hours by automating contract generation and e-signing.

Generate contracts in bulk in a few minutes, request e-signatures from all the parties involved and speed up your contractual agreements 10x.

Whether it’s an equity grant for your top employee or a convertible note agreement with a future investor, Capboard covers it all.

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And much more...

ESOP SAFEs Virtual data room Investor reporting Share certificates E-Signature 409a SPV Dilution calculator Phantom shares Board meetings Vesting Advisory shares Employee equity communication

For the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem.
This is your software

For founders and lawyers

  • check iconSave time and avoids errors. No more Excel nor emails.
  • check iconManage your equity compensation plans with ease.
  • check iconImprove communication with your investors

For investors

  • Overview of the entire portfolio.
  • Provide your investors with visibility over their ownership.
  • Keep them in the loop with effective investor reports.

For employees

  • Attract, educate and reward your top talent.
  • Provide your employees with visibility over their equity compensation.
  • Manage vesting, allow exercising, and send grants in a few clicks.


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A platform and technology created by and for entrepreneurs and investors.


Total assets under management from companies using Capboard.

+112 countries

Capboard helps companies from all over the world.

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Capboard helps companies from all over the world.


Invest in taking care of what matters the most: your company’s equity

Manage your company’s equity with confidence and ease.

Digitize the process of managing your cap table, equity compensation plans and investor relations.

  • Save +100h per year in equity management for yourself and your team.
  • Your ESOP and equity compensation on auto-pilot.
  • Build relationships with your investors and shareholders.
  • Fundraise confidently with round simulations and scenario modeling.
  • Organize your company’s documentation in one place.

+2,657 people are happily using Capboard.

What our clients say about us

"Very useful to automate share certificates and centralise all our legal documents. "

Edgar C.

"Very useful and easy to use. It's helping us manage the cap table and documents with our shareholders. "

Reyes P.
CEO, Spain

"Delivers all the features and functionality for a fair price, and customer service is very responsive and accommodating. "

Kamal M.
Founder, US