Effortlessly manage board/shareholder meetings

Streamline the management process and cut down on the time and effort it takes to organize board and shareholder meetings.

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Attendees and notice
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Voting and delegation
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E-signatures and document-sharing

Organize board and shareholder meetings or create your own

Choose the meeting type (board or shareholder) or create a new one yourself. Specify the number of notice days, delegated representation and the meeting details.

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attendees and notice

Easily add and send meeting notice to all attendees

Add the cap table data, fill out the information about attendees once and you will never have to worry about sending notices ever again.

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voting on a meeting

Record voting decisions and allow delegated representation

Voting delegation and keeping track of the voting with is done in a few clicks using easy-to-navigate tools.

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meeting minutes

Accurately record minutes of the meeting

Ensure minutes record all decisions made and actions taken. Keep track of the meeting with ease.

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Request e-signatures and allow secure document-sharing

Simplify the process of legal compliance for yourself and all the parties involved using Capboard - security and data protection compliant software.

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Secure and efficient meeting management system