Automate your company's equity plans

Simplify equity management, have flexibility to customize equity compensation and provide the much-needed visibility to your employees.

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Flexibility for all scenarios

With flexibility around your needs, create employee equity programs that attract, inspire and retain your top talent.

Plan creation

Create the equity plan, assign a % of your fully diluted equity and set the main terms (vesting, cliff...). We will take care of the rest.

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Automate grant letters in bulk

Grant equity to employees and request compliant electronic signatures.

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Compliant all over the world

Your equity compensation plans are updated to your needs and the country’s legal requirements where you company is registered.

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And much more...


Full visibility for employees and collaborators

Key employees and stakeholders with equity grants will get access to Capboard to have full visibility of their equity compensation.

  • Add value to your equity grants

    Increase employee retention and compensation NPS by giving them better visibility.

  • Automated notifications

    Employees receive automated emails everytime they receive a new grant, vest equity, or their equity value changes.

  • HR tool integration

    Capboard integrates with the most popular tools to automate employee on and offboarding, sick leave, and document integration.

Build trust

Give visibility to your employees on their equity compensation in an easy and accessible way - vesting, ownership, value and more.

Reward your team

Ensure that your employees understand and value their equity compensation.


Provide your employees with information, knowledge and tools they need to get the most out of their equity compensation.

“Very useful to automate share certificates and centralise all our legal documents.”

Edgar C. Founder