Investor relations analytics

Impactful Investor Updates

Capboard streamlines deal making, providing you with usage analytics and document tracking.

  • Send and store Investor updates

    Easy investor updates with KPIs, examples and pre-defined formatting. Focus on the content, Capboard takes care of the rest.

  • Track Engagement

    Real-time insights on what investors are the most engaged with your company. Analytics on reading time, shares and clicks.

  • Build from Templates

    Use some of the best Investor Update Templates for your company. Duplicate, replace and send!

Daily Engagement

Keep your most engaged investors up to date about your market trends, your press appearances and product updates.

  • Market news

    Competitor M&A and market news clipping for your investors. Non-intrusive, on-demand market updates.

  • Press appearances

    Make your investors aware of your media appearances to amplify its impact.

  • Product updates

    Keep your investors engaged with your product by sharing the latest features.

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