Pools de equity

Flexibility for all scenarios

Capboard automates all processes while providing the flexibility to customize grants and terms to each employee.

  • Customize grants to each employee

    Override plan terms to adapt vesting schedule, cliff and other conditions to each employee or advisor.

  • Send and store grant letters

    Automate sending letters and compliant signatures to run your equity plans on auto-pilot. Employees will have access to all relevant documents.

  • Company valuation

    Choose to show or hide the company valuation and grant value.

Full visibility for employees and collaborators

Key employees and stakeholders with equity grants will get access to Capboard to have full visibility of their equity compensation.

  • Add value to your equity grants

    Increase employee retention and compensation NPS by giving them better visibility.

  • Automated notifications

    Employees receive automated emails everytime they receive a new grant, vest equity, or their equity value changes.

  • HR tool integration

    Capboard integrates with the most popular tools to automate employee on and offboarding, sick leave, and document integration.

Visibilidad para empleados
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