Document analytics

Insights to speed up your deal

Capboard streamlines deal making, providing you with usage analytics and document tracking.

  • Real-time analytics

    Get notified when your documents are accessed, prioritize dealflow by their Data room activity.

  • Group your stakeholders

    Create groups of stakeholders and get additional insights by firm or group.

  • Equity history included

    Include your digital cap table and funding history onto your Data Room.

Maximum security and protection

Ensure only the rightful users access your Documents with a unique set of security and privacy solutions.

  • Password protection

    Protect your documents with an extra layer of passwords. Grant or remove permissions at any time.

  • Document encryption

    All documents are encrypted with the highest standards and deleted from backups when removed.

  • Single Sign On

    With Single Sign On you can control only users from a specific company can access your files. Set it up in few clicks.

Security and protection
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