Collaborators on Capboard

Guide about Collaborators: what are they, how to add new, different roles, etc.

What are Collaborators?

Collaborators are a user type we created at Capboard to allow companies to invite additional users to help manage the account, even if they are not shareholders. Collaborators can be other founders, internal or external lawyers, advisors, HR employees that are managing the ESOP plan...

How to add a new Collaborator

Go to Company settings > Collaborators

  1. Click on "Add Collaborator".
  2. Fill the form and pick one of the 3 user permission roles:
    • User: They can view everything, but can‘t change anything.
    • Editor: They can view, create and edit everything.
    • Full: They can view, create and edit everything. Including change the billing and access rights for other people.
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