How to Issue Shares on Capboard

Here is the step-by-step process on how to issue shares on Capboard

In case you want to issue shares to an existing stakeholder or a new one, you can do so using the transaction called “Issue shares”.

To issue shares on Capboard: Go to Ownership > Transactions > Add Transaction > Issue shares.

In this section, you should add the following information:

1. Stakeholder: choose an existing one or create a new one by selecting the option “+ Add Stakeholder” in the dropdown menu. To add a new stakeholder: add all the relevant data on the person you want to add or an entity.

2. Specify the date of share issuance and the share class.

3. Fill out the data on the number of shares issued, issue price (optional) and investment amount (optional).

4. If you have the data on the investment amount and the issue price, Capboard can automatically calculate the number of shares issued using the following formula:

Number of shares issued = Investment amount / Issue price

5. Optional: you can add and save relevant documents and internal notes with the transaction.

6. Click "Save" to make sure the transaction is saved, stored and becomes visible in the ‘Transactions’ section.

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