How to add a new Stakeholder

Step by step guide on how to create a stakeholder on Capboard

Each person or institution that holds shares of our company is a Stakeholder on Capboard. Founders, investors, advisors with equity, employees with stock or equity... are Stakeholders.

Creating Stakeholders in bulk

There are two ways to import Stakeholders in bulk: via csv and using the Multi-edit option (recommended).


  1. Click on "Multi-edit"
  2. A window will open with a spreadsheet and all your existing Stakeholders. You can edit or add new ones, and it allows typing one by one or copy&pasting from other sources.
  3. Once you have made all changes needed, click "Save".


  1. Click on "Import from CSV"
  2. Download the CSV template. It will include all the columns you can import.
  3. Only First and Last name and type (person or entity) are mandatory.
  4. Once done, drop de CSV and the import will happen automatically.

Creating Stakeholders one by one

  1. Click on "Add Stakeholder"
  2. Fill the form. Only First and Last name are mandatory, but we recommend filling at least also the email and the Group.

Creating Stakeholders through Transactions

If you are adding a new funding round, convertible note or any other Transaction and you forgot to create the Stakeholder beforehand, we've got your back: you can create a new Stakeholder from every transaction type.

From a Funding Round:

  1. Type or paste all Stakeholders participating in a funding round.
  2. It will match those existing by name, and create the new ones upon clicking on "Save".

From other transaction types:

  1. Click on the "Stakeholder dropdown". The last option should be "Add Stakeholder"
  2. A new window will open when you can create a new Stakeholder.
  3. When done, click "Save" and you can continue editing the Transaction.

How to delete Stakeholders

You can delete stakeholders from the Stakeholders page. Stakeholders can only be deleted if they are not part of any transaction in the cap table or in any simulation.

  1. On the "Stakeholders page, find the stakeholder you want to delete.
  2. Click on the icon with a trash can.
  3. You will get asked to confirm.

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