Stakeholder change requests

Guide on what stakeholders change requests are and how to manage them.

Companies with long cap tables and lots of shareholders tend to spend a lot of time managing shareholders: replying to their requests, following up to get documents signed, etc. At Capboard we have made it easier for stakeholders to update the companies they have options or shares in with their contact/personal details.

How stakeholders can update their personal details

All your shareholders and employees will have an option on their menu called "My Info", which they can access anytime.

My Info menu

There, they can see what information your company has of them, and update one or several fields.

Once they click on Save, the details get stored.

Approving change requests

Collaborators of that company will receive an email notification highlighting the changes that specific stakeholders requested.

Collaborators can decide whether to approve or reject each of those change requests.

Done! The stakeholder would have updated their personal details on Capboard.

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