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1M - 7M
Adevinta Ventures is the venture capital arm of Adevinta, a leading online marketplace platform. The venture arm looks to invest in early-stage companies, helping them to grow and develop their businesses. Adevinta Ventures focuses on investments in the areas of digital transformation, e-commerc...
1M - 5M
Compass Digital Ventures is the venture and growth capital arm of Compass Group based in Charlotte, North Carolina. They invest in companies in the food and hospitality, retail and consumer, and technology industries. Through their investments and incubator programs, they seek to help companies ...
250K - 10M
Convivialit Ventures is a venture capital firm based in San Francisco. It is the venture arm of Pernod Ricard, a French multinational alcoholic beverages company. Convivialit Ventures focuses on investing in early-stage startups in the food and beverage, hospitality, and technology sectors, with...
500K - 2M
Elevator Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Vienna, Austria. It is the corporate venture capital entity of Raiffeisen Bank International, and focuses on early stage and growth investments in Fintech and related enabling technologies in Central and Eastern Europe. Elevator Ventures provi...
500K - 3M
HubSpot Ventures is a venture capital arm of HubSpot, an American developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. HubSpot Ventures invests in early and growth-stage software companies with the potential to deliver unique value to HubSpot's customer...
Rakuten Capital is the venture capital arm of Rakuten Group, a global internet services company based in Tokyo. Launched in 2014, Rakuten Capital has invested in over 70 companies worldwide, including Lyft, Pinterest and Upstart. Rakuten Group offers over 70 services in fields such as e-commerce...
3M - 5M
Samsung Catalyst is an evergreen venture capital fund that invests in the new data economy and strategic technology areas. It provides guidance, expertise, and connections to help startups turn innovative ideas into world-changing products at scale. The team works in partnership with Samsung\u20...
2M - 20M is the venture capital arm of Schneider Electric, a global leader in energy management and automation solutions. provides capital and resources to early-stage startups developing innovative solutions in the areas of energy, sustainability, and smart cities. Through its in...
500K - 50M
Hanwha is a South Korean conglomerate with a presence in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, finance, and energy. Founded in 1952, Hanwha has grown to become a leading global business with more than 80 subsidiaries around the world. Hanwha is committed to providing...
1M - 10M
Nationwide Ventures is the corporate venture arm of Nationwide Insurance. It focuses on early-stage venture investments in data-driven companies in the FinTech, InsurTech, and HealthTech space. Nationwide Ventures partners with entrepreneurs to help them build successful companies that can impro...
3M - 3M
Hypertherm Ventures is the corporate venture capital arm of Hypertherm Associates, a U.S. based manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software. Hypertherm Ventures' mission is to partner with innovators in the industrial technology space and to invest and build strategic relationships w...
1M - 5M
Open CNP is the corporate venture program of CNP Assurances, a leading personal insurer in France, across Europe and in Brazil. The program was founded in 2016 and is based in Paris, France. Open CNP seeks to invest in innovative startups and help them grow through mentorship, capital, corporate...
5M - 15M
Orange Ventures is the venture capital fund of the Orange Group, with 350 million euros under management. The fund focuses on early-stage investments in digital, data, and emerging technologies. It has offices in Paris and San Francisco, and provides startups with access to the Orange Group's ne...
500K - 7M
Porsche Ventures is the venture capital arm of Porsche, investing in startups from early-stage through growth. Founded in 2018, it has invested in a variety of companies in diverse sectors, including mobility, automotive, and software. Porsche Ventures focuses on helping its portfolio companies ...
Sabadell Venture Capital is the VC division of Banco Sabadell, focusing on supporting startups in early stages of life (seed, series A). They aim to be the financial partner of innovative and transformative projects and contribute to the development of the entrepreneurship sector. Their portfoli...
1M - 20M
W&W BrandPool is a venture capital firm based in Stuttgart, Germany. The firm was founded in 2018 and specializes in early-stage investments in technology companies. They have invested in two portfolio companies and have no lead investments. The firm also provides branding and naming services fo...
100K - 1M
SC Super Bet is a leading provider of sports betting services with more than 4,500 employees worldwide. They have been recognized as a pioneer in the field, having won four times the Best Sports Betting Operator of the Year Award. Their strategy focuses on leveraging data and technology to provi...
BCV helps founders build iconic businesses that transform the way we live and work. They mostly invest in Fintech, Apps, Infrastructure, and the Future of Commerce. They have invested more than $4.6 billion in over 400 companies. Some of their succesful investments include GoCardless, Flywire, A...
500K - 5M
The \"Mobility\" page on the Baloise website is focused on providing innovative solutions to customers in the automotive and mobility space. The page outlines the various services and solutions offered by the company, such as insurance, connected car services, safety systems, and more. Additiona...
50K - 1M
BCF Ventures is a Canadian Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) Fund based in Montreal, Canada. It invests at the Seed/Series A stage in B2B Cloud & SaaS Intelligent Enterprise startups. Founded in 2018, BCF Ventures is one of Canada's first super angel funds, inspired by the best practices from Sili...
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Corporate venture capital (CVC) is a type of venture capital that is invested in by corporations instead of traditional venture capital firms or individual investors. CVCs invest in startups and early-stage companies that align with their strategic goals and provide them with financial and strategic benefits.

Pros of receiving investment from a CVC

  • Access to the parent company's resources, including distribution channels, manufacturing capabilities, and technology expertise.
  • Opportunities for strategic partnerships and collaborations with the parent company.
  • Stronger validation of the startup's product or service, as the parent company's investment serves as an endorsement.
  • Long-term stability and commitment from the parent company.

Cons of receiving investment from a CVC

  • Potential conflicts of interest between the parent company's strategic goals and the startup's interests.
  • Less focus on financial returns and more emphasis on strategic goals and synergies.
  • Potentially longer decision-making processes, as the investment decision may need to be approved by multiple levels of management.
  • Less experience in managing venture capital investments compared to traditional venture capital firms.

Motivations of CVCs

  • Access to new technologies and markets that align with the parent company's strategic goals.
  • Opportunities for strategic partnerships and collaborations with startups.
  • Potential for financial returns through successful exits or acquisitions.
  • Enhancement of the parent company's reputation and innovation capabilities.

How are CVCs Managed?

CVCs are managed by the parent company's executive team and are typically operated by a dedicated investment team. This team may consist of professionals with venture capital experience, industry expertise, and technical knowledge. CVCs often have their own investment thesis and guidelines that align with the parent company's strategic goals.

What Do CVCs Invest In?

CVCs invest in startups and early-stage companies that align with the parent company's strategic goals. This may include companies in related industries, companies with complementary technologies or products, or companies that can help the parent company enter new markets.

What to Expect if a CVC is in Your Cap Table

  • Access to the parent company's resources and expertise.
  • Potential for strategic partnerships and collaborations with the parent company.
  • Increased scrutiny from the parent company on the startup's performance and alignment with the parent company's goals.
  • Potential conflicts of interest that may arise if the parent company's goals diverge from the startup's interests.

Success Cases and Statistics

Corporate VCs have played a role in some high-profile startup success stories. For example, Google Ventures (GV) was an early investor in Uber, and Intel Capital has invested in companies such as Dropbox and DocuSign. According to Pitchbook, corporate VC investment reached $74.2 billion in 2020, accounting for 27% of total global VC investment. Some of the most active corporate VCs include:

  • Google Ventures, the CVC arm of Google, has invested in numerous successful startups, including Uber, Nest, and Slack.
  • Salesforce Venturesinvested in several unicorns, like Airtable, Algolia, Auth0, Contentful, DocuSign, Dropbox, Snowflake, Stripe, Twilio, Zoom.
  • Hubspot Ventures is another active corporate VC with PandaDoc, Pipe, Aircall, ClickUp, Jasper in their portfolio.