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100K - 200K
10K Ventures is an angel investor group and venture capital firm based in Berlin, Germany. The firm specializes in early-stage investments, primarily in tech startups and funds. The firm is the investment arm of Hansol Joo & Kim Diocampo and has invested in a variety of startups in Europe, Asia ...
1M - 5M
OpenOcean is a pan-European early-stage Venture Capital investor with a focus on B2B platforms & Enterprise Software technology investments. Founded in 2011, they have invested in over 70 companies across Europe, providing early-stage capital and expertise to help them scale. Their team consists...
100K - 400K
1414 Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Boston, Massachusetts. The firm specializes in investments in the digital identity and data security space, and its investments range from pre-seed to seed-stage. 1414 Ventures provides resources, advice, and connections to its portfolio companies...
250K - 2M
Leafy Tunnel is an early-stage venture capital fund based in London, United Kingdom. The firm invests in alternative medicine, mental health, and pain disorders to provide relief from physical, mental, and emotional stress while improving the lives of both patients and practitioners. Leafy Tunne...
10K - 200K
Zen Ventures is an online platform that enables users to learn and explore different technologies, like software engineering, web development, and data science. The platform offers a range of courses, tutorials, and projects that are designed to help users develop their skills and knowledge in t...
750K - 2M
Bowery Capital is a venture capital firm based in New York, founded in 2013. The firm invests in technology-driven businesses, focusing on early and growth stage companies in the software, consumer, and digital health markets. The firm provides capital, operational support, and strategic advice ...
1M - 5M
Compass Digital Ventures is the venture and growth capital arm of Compass Group based in Charlotte, North Carolina. They invest in companies in the food and hospitality, retail and consumer, and technology industries. Through their investments and incubator programs, they seek to help companies ...
1M - 5M
Seventure Partners is a leading European venture capital firm, founded in 1997 and based in Paris, France. The firm focuses on investments in life sciences, digital health, nutrition and foodtech, and cleantech. Seventure Partners has a strong presence in France and Europe, and is dedicated to h...
500K - 2M
Brandenburg Kapital is a venture capital and growth fund based in Brandenburg, Germany. It provides venture capital and know-how to startups and companies in the region, helping them to grow and succeed. Its portfolio companies have access to its expertise and network, as well as access to capit...
Shape is a venture capital firm that specializes in early-stage investments in technology and the internet. The firm is based in San Francisco and London, and has investments in startups across Europe and the US. Shape focuses on investments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data...
300K - 5M
Breakout Ventures is an early stage fund that backs bold scientist entrepreneurs. It invests in companies that are working to solve the most complex challenges in the world, leveraging science and technology to make a positive impact. The fund focuses on areas such as artificial intelligence, ro...
1M - 3M
Shorooq Partners is an early stage venture capital and debt fund focused on the MENAP region. The company has invested in 45+ companies, and its portfolio has generated over $1.5 billion of equity value. Shorooq Partners was created in 2016 and is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
100K - 750K
Cortado Ventures is a seed-stage venture capital firm investing in overlooked foundational sectors in the United States. The firm's focus is on providing capital and support to early-stage entrepreneurs, with a particular emphasis on female and minority founders. The firm also provides additiona...
500K - 5M
Breega is a European venture capital fund designed to finance startups in the digital economy. It was founded in 2013 and is based in Paris, France. They typically invest in Seed and Series A startups across Europe, and have an extensive network of partners, investors, and advisors. They focus o...
100K - 5M
Bynd Venture Capital is a Portuguese venture capital firm that invests in seed/early stage companies in IT/Digital and Sustainability sectors from Portugal, Spain, and startups connected to these markets. They have more than 30 active investments in their portfolio, including companies like Colv...
50K - 250K
Brickyard is an early-stage capital and founder outpost based in Tennessee, founded in 2021. The company provides venture capital to help founders build their businesses and create successful paths that can survive the elements. Brickyard also provides an incubator and accelerator program to hel...
300K - 500K
Bridge Partners is an executive search firm that specializes in helping companies diversify their leadership teams. They use their expertise in leading inclusive search engagements to bridge the gaps between management consulting firms, marketing agencies, and point solution providers. Their tea...
25K - 175K
Visible Hands is a venture capital firm and accelerator that provides meaningful funding and support to early stage companies, particularly those founded by underrepresented entrepreneurs. It offers a 14-week virtual-first accelerator program, a 20-week virtual fellowship program for Latinx foun...
50K - 250K
Brighter Capital is a venture capital firm based in Cupertino, California that seeks to invest in early-stage companies. The firm focuses on investments in the energy, renewable energy, biotechnology, social media, and health care sectors. Founded in 2020, Brighter Capital has a portfolio of 47 ...
2M - 5M
C4V is an advanced battery technology company that is developing next-generation energy solutions. Their products are designed to be safe, reliable, and sustainable, and their patented technology offers higher energy densities, higher power densities, and longer life cycles than current batterie...
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How to Fundraise in Pre-Seed Stage and Types of Investors

Pre-seed stage is the earliest stage of startup fundraising, where you are looking to raise capital to build a prototype, conduct market research, and validate your business idea. It is a crucial stage for any startup, and there are different types of investors available for pre-seed funding:

  • Angel Investors: High net worth individuals who invest in startups in exchange for equity. They are usually experienced entrepreneurs themselves and can provide mentorship and networking opportunities.
  • Angel Funds: Similar to angel investors, but instead of investing as an individual, they invest as a group. They pool their resources to make larger investments.
  • VCs (Venture Capitalists): Institutional investors who invest in startups that have a high growth potential. They invest in exchange for equity and typically focus on businesses that have already demonstrated some traction.
  • Incubators: Programs that offer resources such as office space, mentorship, and networking opportunities in exchange for equity or a fee. They typically work with startups in the earliest stages and can help with product development, fundraising, and business strategy.

Pros and Cons of Each Type of Investor

Angel Investors

  • Pros:
    • Flexible investment terms
    • Can provide mentorship and networking opportunities
    • May be more willing to take a chance on a new idea
  • Cons:
    • May not have enough capital to meet your funding needs
    • May not have industry-specific knowledge
    • May not invest in the next funding round

Angel Funds

  • Pros:
    • Can provide larger investments than individual angel investors
    • May have more industry-specific knowledge
    • Can offer a network of contacts and resources
  • Cons:
    • May have less flexibility in investment terms
    • May have a longer decision-making process

VCs (Venture Capitalists)

  • Pros:
    • Can invest large amounts and follow-on in the future
    • May have industry-specific knowledge and experience
    • Can provide valuable connections and resources
  • Cons:
    • May require a higher level of traction and growth potential than other investors
    • May have more stringent investment terms
    • May have a longer decision-making process


  • Pros:
    • Can provide valuable resources such as office space, mentorship, and networking opportunities
    • Can help with product development, fundraising, and business strategy
    • May have industry-specific knowledge
  • Cons:
    • They typically require a significant amount of equity in the company in exchange for their investment.
    • They may have specific criteria for the types of businesses they accept into their program.

Tips on Approaching Investors and How Much to Raise

  • Be prepared with a strong business plan and pitch deck.
  • Research potential investors to find those who have experience in your industry or market.
  • Consider reaching out to warm leads or connections through your network.
  • Be open to feedback and suggestions from investors.
  • Determine how much funding you need to get to the next stage of your business and be realistic about how much you can raise at this early stage.