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1M - 30M
BlackFin Tech is the Venture part of BlackFin Capital Partners. It is a European VC fund that focuses on investing in fintechs and insurtechs. The company provides venture capital and private equity to help reshape finance and unlock the full potential of digital experiences. BlackFin Tech also ...
500K - 5M
Blacksheep Ventures is a venture capital firm with an entrepreneurial background that invests in MadTech, which stands for marketing and advertising technology. They are focused on providing funding, mentoring, and support to startups in the space. They have a portfolio of over 20 companies acro...
2M - 5M
BFP is a global venture capital fund of funds that invests early in world-class venture capital funds and technology startups. It provides access to the world\u2019s best venture capital funds, enabling investors to participate in the most promising and innovative startups. BFP also offers strat...
1M - 10M
Cambridge SPG is an early-stage venture capital and private equity firm focused on investing in highly skilled operators of disruptive category leading companies in the Food & Beverage and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sector. They provide financing and resources to help companies grow their cor...
1M - 15M is a private equity and venture capital firm that specializes in investments in early-stage technology businesses. The firm\u2019s primary focus is on the healthcare, media and entertainment, and technology sectors. It seeks to invest in companies located around the world, with a...
1M - 10M
Sandwater is an investment company that focuses on venture companies in the growth phase. They use ESG analysis to calibrate potential changes in the future, and provide guidance and insights to help their clients make informed decisions. Sandwater also provides a range of services related to ca...
10K - 200K
Zen Ventures is an online platform that enables users to learn and explore different technologies, like software engineering, web development, and data science. The platform offers a range of courses, tutorials, and projects that are designed to help users develop their skills and knowledge in t...
1M - 20M
Cr\u00e9dit Mutuel Equity is a private equity arm of Groupe Cr\u00e9dit Mutuel-CIC, headquartered in Paris. The company is focused on providing financing and advisory services to small to mid-sized companies operating in Western Europe. The company provides services such as business development,...
2M - 8M
DIP Capital is a venture capital firm that invests across Europe in disruptive businesses. DIP's first fund was launched in 2017 and the firm has since grown to manage over \u20ac300 million in assets. DIP focuses on early-stage companies, providing them with financing and guidance to help them ...
500K - 3M
Caixa Capital Risc is a venture capital firm based in Barcelona, Spain. Founded in 2004, the firm specializes in seed, venture and growth stage investments in innovative companies across a variety of sectors, including technology, healthcare, and biotechnology. Caixa Capital Risc also provides s...
Capchase is a fintech company that provides non-dilutive financing and financial services to SaaS companies. Capchase's financing solutions allow SaaS companies to access cash tied up in future payments, allowing them to grow their operations without needing to raise additional capital or dilute...
10K - 5M
Chocolate Up is an online website and store that specializes in selling handcrafted chocolates made with premium, quality ingredients. The site provides customers with a wide variety of unique chocolates and confections that are sure to please. The store also offers a selection of vegan and glut...
10K - 20M
Clearco is a suite of performance financing products and services for founders in all stages of their journey. They provide early-stage founders with access to capital and the support they need to succeed. They have a suite of tools designed to help founders from idea to exit, including fundrais...
1M - 5M
Expon Capital is a venture capital firm based in Luxembourg, Luxembourg. Founded in 2015, the firm invests in companies operating in the technology, media and entertainment, healthcare, and clean energy sectors. Their mission is to create sustainable investment theses that focus on long-term val...
500K - 10M
Emil Capital Partners is a private investment firm located in Greenwich, Connecticut. Founded in 2011, Emil Capital Partners specializes in making early-stage investments in consumer goods, consumer tech, retail, and enterprise companies in North America and Europe. The firm provides capital and...
1M - 10M
Founded in 2008, Starquest Capital is a venture capital firm headquartered in Paris, France. The firm seeks to invest in Greentech and other technologies that protect the environment, conserve resources, and improve the lives of humans. Their investments are focused on early-stage, high-growth c...
250K - 10M
Convivialit Ventures is a venture capital firm based in San Francisco. It is the venture arm of Pernod Ricard, a French multinational alcoholic beverages company. Convivialit Ventures focuses on investing in early-stage startups in the food and beverage, hospitality, and technology sectors, with...
50K - 5M
FJ Labs is a venture capital firm that invests in marketplaces and consumer-facing startups at the seed and series A stage, with investments ranging from $50,000 to $5,000,000. Notable investments include Alibaba Group, beepi, and Betterment. Founded by Jose Marin and Fabrice Grinda.
100K - 4M
Founded in 2006, Correlation Ventures is a venture capital firm based in San Francisco, California. The firm focuses on early-stage B2B technology investments and provides capital, expertise, and guidance to software companies. Correlation Ventures also provides access to its network of investor...
3M - 30M
Creadev is a private equity firm that was founded in 2012 and is based in Paris, Ile-de-France. It finances France-based emerging companies, and provides financial advice for mergers and acquisitions. It also offers other services such as venture capital, private equity, and corporate finance. A...
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A Series B fundraising round is typically the second round of funding that a startup receives after a successful Series A round. This round is aimed at providing the capital needed for the company to grow and scale, expand its market reach, and further develop its products or services.

How Much to Raise in Series B?

The amount to raise in a Series B round depends on the company's growth trajectory and its plans for scaling the business. In general, companies raise between $10 million to $50 million in a Series B round, with some raising significantly more if they are pursuing aggressive growth strategies.

Series B fundraising

Companies that have raised a Series A funding round and have achieved significant traction and growth may be ready for a Series B round. Series B rounds are typically targeted towards companies that have already achieved the following milestones:

  • Product-market fit, with strong growth
  • Strong user adoption and retention, ideally in several markets
  • Strong team and operations excellence
  • A clear path to profitability and long-term sustainability

Types of Series B Investors

There are several types of investors that participate in Series B funding rounds, including:

  • Venture capital firms (VCs)
  • Corporate venture capital (CVC) firms
  • Private equity firms
  • Family offices
  • High net worth individuals (HNIs)

Valuation in Series B

Valuation in Series B funding rounds is typically higher than in earlier rounds, as the company has achieved significant growth and is now valued based on its potential for future success. Valuation in Series B funding rounds is determined by several factors, including:

  • Market opportunity and size
  • Revenue and user growth
  • Strength of the team and management
  • Financial performance and projections
  • Competitive landscape and differentiation

Step-by-Step Details of a Series B Fundraising Round

The steps involved in a Series B fundraising round are similar to those in earlier rounds, but the process is generally more complex and involves larger sums of money. Here are the key steps to follow:

1. Preparation

  • Research and identify potential investors
  • Update your pitch deck and data room with the latest financials and growth metrics
  • Prepare a detailed financial model and projections for the next 3-5 years

2. Reaching out to Investors

  • Reach out to potential investors through warm introductions or through targeted outreach
  • Present your pitch deck and data room to interested investors
  • Answer any questions or concerns the investors may have

3. Term Sheet Negotiation

  • Receive a term sheet from the lead investor outlining the terms of the investment
  • Negotiate the terms of the investment, including valuation, investment amount, and equity ownership
  • Ensure that the terms are fair and reasonable for both parties

4. Due Diligence

  • Provide investors with access to your data room and other key information
  • Respond to any additional questions or concerns the investors may have
  • Work with your lawyer to ensure that all legal and financial due diligence is completed
  • 5. Closing the Deal

    • Finalize the terms of the investment
    • Sign the investment documents and transfer funds
    • Complete any necessary legal or regulatory filings